Azure data centres have landed in SA – why do we care?

Honey, the Microsoft Azure data centres are home!

Since Microsoft’s announcement to launch data centres in South Africa back in 2017, we’ve been sitting at the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the day when they arrive. With the new data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South African organisations can be happy knowing that their data will be hosted locally and not across an ocean somewhere.

Local is lekker

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we’re super excited about what this means for our South African customers. Our CTO, Ryan Jamieson, had this to say: “The local data centres will allow South Africa to leverage the power of cloud infrastructure and compute capabilities, creating a platform for innovation that is unprecedented in the continent.”

We know that there’s a list as long as Michael Phelps’ arm on the benefits of migrating your on-premises solutions to the Azure cloud, but let’s take a look at what additional benefits we get from hosting our data locally.

1. Improved data connection latency

One reason why organisations haven’t hopped onto the Azure train yet is knowing that latency issues prevent some applications from being hosted in the cloud. With local data centres, you will have more reliability, faster speeds and lower latencies than you would when accessing cloud services from international data centres in Europe.

2. Meet local residency and compliance laws

We all know the importance of complying with local data protection laws and Microsoft has made no exceptions to ensuring that they are POPI and GDPR compliant.

3. Save on costs

There is another uniquely South African obstacle to consider… our most dreaded two words in the English dictionary… load shedding. Electricity blackouts can result in the loss of data with on-premises data centres, which can be very costly for any organisation. Azure cloud services take away that risk. The local data centres also mean that we can cut out international connectivity costs.

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