Straight to the Top: Helping Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Straight to the top: New ERP practice takes partner award after just one year in business

Altron Karabina helps digital transformation with Dynamics 365 for Operations

Altron Karabina’s newest practice, launched just over a year ago, moved straight to the front of the pack to take the Microsoft South Africa Partner of the Year award for Business Applications ERP in 2018.

Dave Ives, Chief Customer Officer at Altron Karabina, says Altron Karabina officially launched its ERP practice through an acquisition in 2016 and expanded the practice with more skills and partnerships as the business grew. The growth trajectory forecasted for Dynamics ERP is substantial and we look to continue investing in this space. In the past financial year, the company became the first in South Africa to implement a full end to end Dynamics 365 project for a customer, which included Customer Engagement and Finance and Operations.

Altron Karabina, now the only local systems integrator offering the complete Microsoft platform to lead clients’ digital transformation, says the ERP platform provides a platform to extend investment in other Microsoft cloud platforms such as Office 365, Power BI, Azure and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Says Ives: “Our investment in this practice over the past two years has led us, as a relatively new player in the market, to win the award based on execution, delivery and how we have gone about developing our practice. However, we believe we still have a great deal of room for growth and development in this area. Microsoft is growing in this space, and we are growing alongside them, continually looking to offer new services. We now have the ability to bring the complete platform together – including CRM, analytics, devices, connection to Office 365, and the provision of applications –so we are uniquely positioned to offer clients the complete solution across the board.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations allows companies to lead their digital transformation journey with the most complete set of modules including Finance, Projects, Human Resources, Product Management, Manufacturing, Quality, Retail, Point of Sale, Warehouse Management and Transportation. Altron Karabina has invested in development and best practice methodologies that enable its team to build in even more impact. “We can now deliver wold class implementations to link the full supply chain from inbound to outbound logistics across areas such as supply chain, retail, vehicle rentals and fleet management,” says Ives.


“Microsoft has made huge strides in becoming the top ERP platform on the market, and we believe there are huge opportunities for partners to take advantage of the platforms. But doing so effectively requires a great deal of effort and investment,” says Ives. “ERP is rather like heart surgery, in that it’s not something you take lightly. It’s about core processes and the way people work, and there have been failures in this space. We say choose your platform carefully – and Microsoft is a serious player with an incredible set of services – then choose your partner carefully – and Altron Karabina is the partner to help you maximise the potential of these platforms and services.”

Altron Karabina’s new practice is building out its skills and capacity, aiming even higher in 2019. “We are investing further in bringing the complete platform together, and plan to grow in this market. We believe that to be a leader in your industry and provide the best service to your customers, you need to challenge your norms and improve your customer relationships through product leadership and operational excellence,” Ives says.

This article was originally published in the IT Web Brainstorm Supplement, Alpha – Meeting the Azure opportunity. The article was written by Tracy Burrows

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