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Altron M&E provides a framework that:

  • Is adaptable to diverse M&E models and programs.
  • Is highly configurable to meet different M&E processes.
  • Allows for offline and online data capture.
  • Is capable of collecting data in real time.
  • Provides both output and outcome reporting.
  • Enhances measurement and reporting capability.

Altron Monitoring & Evaluation Modules


The Inputs module provides for the capture of those inputs that will be used to track a specified intervention. Inputs can include personnel, equipment, finances, and locations as well as the relevant approvals required. Inputs are also a catalyst for the Budgeting module.


The Budgets module captures the core budget components required by the objective/program and can be linked to programs, delivery partners, owners or other involved entities. This enables for granular reporting on budget spending by program, award and disbursement. The budgets entity can be integrated into an external finance module where required

Program Design & Management

Programs refer to your organisation’s focus areas. The Program Design and Management framework uses the Logic Model methodology and enables the definition of programs and sub-programs as well as relating these to objectives that in turn have a parent-child relationship capability (i.e. Objectives and Parent Objectives). A Program has a linked Budgets entity that allows for the management of financial aspects of the program – including all awards and disbursements.


The Monitoring module is also referred to as the Outputs module – and is used to measure specific program activities and outputs on configurable frequency (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, or any combination thereof).


The Evaluation module (also referred to as the Outcomes module) qualifies and quantifies the results of your intervention(s). The Evaluation module leverages a Results entity to determine outcomes against defined measurable components and is used in conjunction with the Analytics module to understand and determine whether Intervention activities are having intended (or unintended) impact.


Impact reporting is enabled by allowing the reach of M&E to extend beyond just programs, extending to program managers and right down to the actual communities being served. This is done through a combination of data collection tools, analytics tools and survey response tools, giving a voice to recipients of the program activities and from this feedback determining program and related impacts.

Altron M&E is built on a combination of Microsoft’s Power Platform and Microsoft Dataverse.


Altron Monitoring and Evaluation

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