Altron Karabina’s Software Services – Unique Value Proposition – “Different by Design”

Nicole Oliveira

Altron Karabina’s Software Services unique value proposition is “Different by Design”.  How we deliver this is based on ‘outcome focused client value’, ‘transformative leadership’ and ‘operational excellence’.

Altron Karabina is able to provide Microsoft Licensing Solutions throughout Africa, as well as in the UAE. This vast footprint enables you to work with a single partner that is not only a Licensing Service Provider (LSP) but also gives you access to expert advisors who are able to craft solutions that are best suited to your business requirements – and across multiple geographies. 

There are many challenges that come with modernising and digitally transforming an organisation. You need a partner that understands the changes that need to take place, and the best way to achieve this. Working with Microsoft, we provide a trusted cloud platform, spanning application infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence, productivity and collaboration, as well as business applications.  

 As part of our effort to deliver innovation that matters, we have placed focus on three key areas that place you, the customer, at the centre and further differentiate our partnership-led approach from the other LSPs out there. In fact, this ensures that we are different by design: 

  • Advisory first, then sales 

Traditionally, dealing with an LSP meant dealing with a licensing sales specialist: a licensing expert and salesperson rolled into one and is someone who has usually been incentivised to sell you more. We have now separated these two functions so your interaction with us begins with a licensing advisor whose sole function is to ensure that you get the best solution to meet your needs, at the right time and at the best price – rather than a sales conversation. 

 Our licensing advisors will work with you to fully understand your business strategy, and look at what technology solutions and licenses are needed to enable that strategy, and how you can procure this technology in the most optimal and cost-effective manner. They will help you better understand the features and functionality of the various product offerings and to identify which ones make the most sense for your business at the time.  

 Our advisors will be able to guide you in choosing what is best for your organisation. In some cases, this may be an enterprise agreement, or it can be a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) agreement for particular components. This ensures that you save costs by not buying technology that you don’t need, or don’t need as yet. 

  • The Altron License Management Framework 

This framework comprises a set of activities that we run with you on a quarterly basis, throughout your contract term. These regular engagements help to simplify licensing complexity and are designed around optimising and extracting value through the lifecycle of your contract. 

 Through the framework, we will have a service level agreement (SLA) so that you can hold us accountable for what we said we are going to deliver. While there is a standardised SLA that can be used, we understand that not all businesses are the same, and have the ability to customise components of the SLA to focus on what is important for your organisation – and this will be tracked in our quarterly engagements. 

 Over and above the standard activities that are required of any LSP, Altron Karabina can also provide additional value to your business, such as assessments, user training, and optimisation engagements. These value adds are all bespoke and are developed based on engagements with you, and are designed to address your pain points. An example could be an offer to assess your cloud spend in order to identify where you can cut costs. 

 The framework is not just a tick-box exercise, as it also goes beyond just licensing; we are able to bring in dedicated specialists from other areas into these discussions so that you can benefit from the breadth of consultancy expertise from within Altron Karabina.  

  • Bringing you our strength in consultancy expertise 

These conversations with our experts can help ensure that you make full use of your Microsoft investments so that it enables your organisation to achieve its business objectives. Our deep understanding of the different products, versions and entitlements within the Microsoft licensing component means that we can ensure that you get the full value out of your licenses when implementing the project. 

The benefits are amplified when you choose Altron Karabina as both your licensing partner and project partner. We will be able to understand your licensing investments intricately, and can then implement projects in the most cost-effective manner. The close working relationship between our licensing and consulting teams allows us to further optimise your investment in Microsoft software over its entire lifecycle: we know what licenses are required, how many of them are needed, when is the right time to procure them, and when to deploy the licenses.  

When dealing with large and often complex digital transformation projects, having access to this expertise can make a meaningful difference. Understanding what you need, what you already have, and what you will be getting helps us save on costs by ensuring that you don’t buy software that you don’t really need, or even buy licenses too early. 

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Altron Karabina has a team of skilled Microsoft licensing experts – Be it in the CSP or EA space. Get in touch with us today for help with maximising your software investments. 

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