Advanced Power BI and DAX Masterclass in Johannesburg – 12 – 13 December 2019

Advanced Power BI and DAX Masterclass

The Advanced Power BI and DAX Masterclass is Altron Karabina’s follow-up course to the Power BI Masterclass. This course is aimed at providing BI developers with a more advanced understanding of the Power BI tool and its capabilities.



  • 2 Days


Who should attend?

  • BI Developers and users familiar with data modelling and analysis.
  • Before attending the Advanced Power BI and DAX Masterclass, users:
    • Must be familiar with the Power Query Editor.
    • Must understand basic data modelling concepts.
    • Must be able to create visuals in Power BI.
    • Must understand and know how to create relationships in Power BI.


Course Content

  • Power Query Editor basics
  • DAX basics
  • Overview of measures, calculated columns and calculated tables
  • Overview of evaluation contexts
  • Deep dive into CALCULATE()
  • Time Intelligence
  • Dashboard design rules
  • Query parameters
  • What-if analysis
  • Advanced report interactivity
  • Dynamic row-level security
  • Architecting a tabular model



  • Troubleshoot data load errors by manually editing the M scripts in Power Query Editor
  • Understand data modelling for use in business reporting
  • Understand how the DAX compute engine works. This understanding allows users to be able to write very useful measures to perform relevant business calculations
  • Learn how to write measures useful for business reporting, including:
    • Time intelligence (reporting on multiple date columns)
    • Working with financial periods
    • Comparing a measure for the current period to a prior period (for example, this week’s sales vs last week’s sales)
    • Ranking of items (for example, popularity of products)
    • Running totals (sum of values for the current period to date)
    • Custom sorting of data
    • Conditional filtering
    • At the end of the DAX portion, users will have a fundamental understanding of how to create their own measures
  • Advanced dashboard design principles, based on Stephen Few’s work:
    • Colour selection
    • Query parameters
    • Performing what-if analysis in a report
    • Learn how to perform incremental updates of the data
    • Advanced report interactivity
    • Know how to use the machine learning tools in the Power BI infrastructure to perform forecasting and advanced analytics
    • Dynamic security (securing the report based on a user’s username)
    • Architecting a Power BI dataset for consumption by self-service BI users


Cost: R 5 995.00 ex vat per person for the 2-day course. Includes refreshments, lunch and training material.


Complete the form to show your interest and we will get back to you with all the details.


Download a copy of the Advanced Power BI  & DAX Masterclass brochure.

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